“The cycle of fashion for fashion’s sake has been broken. We must use this time to rethink how this industry can be redesigned for the planet and the health of the people who work in it.”

-Kate Fletcher. Co-Author of Earth Logic, a Fashion Action Research Plan, speaking to The Guardian, March 2020.

Is Luxury Fashion Innocent?

It is becoming increasingly clear and more widely known that the fashion industry has many flaws. Lack of representation, the exploitation of workers, the waste, the pollution; these are often issues we associate with fast fashion and its low-cost clothing. No matter how much they try to tell us they’re sustainable and “committed to empoweringContinue reading “Is Luxury Fashion Innocent?”

The Resale Economy: An Exciting Solution To a Modern Day Problem

As we entered 2020, full of hope, list of this year’s goals in hand, we never expected our day-to-day lives to be flipped on their head. With Covid-19 still being very much a thing (wear those masks people!) the processes in which our “normal” lives and industries operate are being rocked and shifted into newContinue reading “The Resale Economy: An Exciting Solution To a Modern Day Problem”

Fashion’s Role in Racism

We are now months into the Black Lives Matter protests following the brutal murder of George Floyd. With many people around the globe joining the fight to support the #BLM movement and showing solidarity with those in our communities who continue to be oppressed and punished by systemic racism, it is important to maintain theContinue reading “Fashion’s Role in Racism”

Sweatshop Next Door: A Demand for Supply-Chain Transparency

Leicester’s garment manufacturing district has been getting attention in recent weeks due to allegations of unfair work practices being carried out by Boohoo, a popular online retailer known for its young target market and constantly changing trends. Boohoo, co-founded by Mahmud Kamani and Carol Kane (with a net worth of $1 billion for Kamani andContinue reading “Sweatshop Next Door: A Demand for Supply-Chain Transparency”

Introduction. Who? Why?

Hello, my name is Daria. I graduated the Arts University Bournemouth in 2019 with a BA(Hons) in Textile Design, and shortly after began working in fashion. I, like most of us, had to step away from my day to day life due to the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 which gave me the time (way tooContinue reading “Introduction. Who? Why?”

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